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Dethatching is exceptionally essential during landscaping. Lawn dethatching can be critical to keeping your grassy lawn and soil healthy. If you are mowing and doing everything else essential for your lawn beauty, dethatching can improve it. Excess water application and fertilization can result in excess thatch. Dethatching eliminates the thick layer of dead plant material (thatch) and permits air, water, and nutrients to reach your plants and soil again. Dethatching permits your lawn to drain better as well.

Why is Dethatching Important?
A small quantity of thatch is, in fact, beneficial. It only becomes a setback when thatch is excessive. Thatch is substantial and prevents water and air from getting to your plants and soil. You will start to see them weaken in color and strength—prepare to dethatch every five years or so if your lawn wants it. You might want to provide your lawn a quick check every year to see how much it has built up.

When Should You Dethatch Your Lawn?
As mentioned before, a small amount of thatch can be beneficial. Landscaping requires dethatching at appropriate times. Be confident to check your thatch layer before you decide to dethatch. A homeowner or any other, who does not know about landscaping, cannot determine the correct time to dethatch. So they hire an expert like our company, Klamath Landscape Pros to perform the job. We usually dig a small amount of your lawn grass and soil. Then calculate your thatch. If your thatch is more than the set criteria, it is time to dethatch.

We generally perform dethatching with the following instruments:

Manual Dethatching

For manual dethatching, we use only the dethatching rake. This method is most excellent for a small amount of thatch on a small lawn for lawn care.

Power Rakes

Like a mower, power rakes dig into thatch at the soil and drag it out. This is also fine for a little amount of thatch.

Vertical Mowers

Vertical mowers, similar to power rakes, draw the thatch up from the soil. They habitually take grassroots along with it. Vertical mowers are superior if you have a thick layer of thatch.

Dethatching Benefits

Thatch is a layer of the dead grassy portion of your lawn and plant material such as leaves, grass, and roots. They arrange on the soil surface. It is a rotten material that can clog your lawn. To ensure a healthy lawn after a long and cold winter, it is important to expose the soil to warmth and sunlight. As a result dethatching is the most significant way for this. Many benefits are linked with dethatching, including:

All these you can get only by hiring an expert to perform dethatching services to beautify your lawn. Klamath Landscape Pros is here for all you dethatching needs. Feel free to contact us.