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At Klamath Landscape Pros, many of our regular customers come to us with questions concerning trimming and pruning. Although we always advise hiring a specialized person to get the job done, there are a few things you should know about the consequence of trimming and pruning that may come in handy down the line. Various trimming and pruning methods will keep the trees on your landscape in good shape.

Different Trimming Methods

As we mentioned earlier, there are many ways to trim a tree or shrub. Every method serves a precise function to the plant’s health and wellness. Our landscaping services are based on the following methods or techniques listed below:

  • Cleaning: In cleaning, we generally eliminate dead, diseased or attacked, or weak branches.
  • Reduction: In this, we have the choice that we may reduce trimming if your tree or shrub’s limbs are in the way of utility lines or buildings. 
  • Thinning: During thinning your shrubs, we specifically confiscate branches to permit for more light. This may also involve removing crossing branches that rub adjacent to each other.
  • Raising: This trimming method involves the removal of lower branches. This is exclusively used to clear the space for buildings.


Trimming Can Do Wonders For The Visual Of Your Landscape

Whether you are looking for a way to improve the look of your home or business’ landscape, trimming can facilitate your property to look clean and polished. When you hire a professional trimming service, you are moving ahead towards maintaining your property’s outline and appearance.

Trimming And Pruning Can Keep Your Property Safe

When your trees or shrubs have dead or broken branches, it is possible for limbs to fall off unpredicted times. If someone is walking on your property when this happens and gets wounded, you only liable for the accident. Trimming keeps you and your property safe and sound. 

Trimming Can Enhances The Health Of Plants

When the plants on your property are infected with disease, those twigs and limbs can decrease the overall lifespan. We usually work on trimming the crown to perk up airflow, which can be valuable to  growth.

Top Trimming Mistakes Homeowners Make Most Often

Here are the most widespread trimming blunders that often result in harmful outcomes for both the homeowner and the tree or shrub. Keep away from doing any of the following:

  • Over-zealous sawing
  • Tree Topping
  • Hasty Pruning

Why Hire A Professional Trimming Service

Here are the top five reasons you should hire a qualified trimming company to care for your landscape. 

  • To keep your bushes healthy
  • To grow bigger, better fruit
  • To improve your plant’s structure
  • To give young plants a head start
  • To increase the value of your home

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