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Life can get in the way of your yard clean up and yard protection routine, and neglecting your yard clean up responsibilities for too long can result in irreversible harm to the health of your lawn. Getting rid of outdoor debris is essential for keeping your yard healthy, growing, and blooming throughout the year.

What exactly are we offering in yard cleanup services?
Yard cleaning and protection does not just consist of collecting leaves but also getting rid of bugs, fungus, and disease that may have assembled in the lawn. A specialized lawn technician can provide the following cleanup services:

Do not let the thought of finding reasonable lawn care stress you out. Klamath Landscape Pros will connect you with certified lawn clean up professionals who will offer the best lawn service, and facilitate you clean up your yard from top to bottom.

When should I order a lawn clean up service?

Depending on the condition of your lawn, you may require a standard yard cleanup at any time. If your home or property has experienced extreme wind or weather conditions, you may also benefit from lawn clean up from a professional lawn service.

In general, regular yard cleanup services are suggested during the following times of the year:

Fall yard clean up services

The fall period change brings attractive colors, but also leaf cleaning and preparation of work before winter. It’s essential to protect your home and guard your lawn through the following tasks:

Spring yard clean up facilities

March is disreputably changeable when it comes to weather conditions that can influence your lawn. These spring yard clean up facilities are especially important:

Why choose Klamath Landscape Pros for your lawn cleanup services?

Klamath Landscape Pros offers top rated gardening services and affordable lawn care. We have a professional yard clean up that is responsible for the removal of leaves, twigs, and obvious debris that are covering your lawn. If you are looking for the most excellent yard clean up or other lawn care services, we can help you!

Why use our services for your lawn cleanup needs?

When calling about this service, let us know how large your lawn is, the amount of debris collected on your lawn, and whether you would like that debris unbagged, bagged, or removed from your lawn. Our locally insured experts with be taking care of the rest!